Wed, July 9, 1998 at Folsom Coffee Shop

Sitting at counter man with beard and ponytail who was here yesterday here again having homefries eggs over easy (#5) Large ice tea with two Equals dressed in work shirt (Russ) with paper “Beartooth Beer” ball cap— AH my cherry pie and coffee at a quarter to eight just arrived I open one Grade AContinue reading “Wed, July 9, 1998 at Folsom Coffee Shop”

Mountainbiker’s Prayer

I like to be undressed at the Subaru’s hatch, pulling on shorts and peering into the woods for trails and sounds of life and signs of riding. To lube chain and dial-in brakes, shifting, saddle height, alone at the trailhead or with buddies, talking smack, sneaking a hit, stretching legs. To attack the trail andContinue reading “Mountainbiker’s Prayer”