Mountain Biker’s Prayer

To be undressed at the Subaru’s hatch, pulling on shorts and peering into the woods for trails and sounds of life and signs of riding. To lube chain and dial-in brakes, shifting, saddle height, alone at the trailhead or with buddies, talking smack, sneaking a hit, stretching legs. To attack the trail and climb immediatelyContinue reading “Mountain Biker’s Prayer”

Denver South Broadway ’98

Broadway cruised topless by balding Mercedes 50 year-olds Broadway lined with used bookstores tattoos Kitty’s cheap sex The Mayan Theater used everything and paper litter on the street and me alone walking South Broadway Broadway art and galleries Body Meat Broadway home of $1.49 greasy breakfast diner with thin old speckled coffee At counter notch-toothedContinue reading “Denver South Broadway ’98”