An offer for subscribers!

Hi readers and subscribers! Thank you for swinging by and especially those of you who’ve subscribed over the years. There are over 40 of you subscribing, and it occurs to me it’s time to address you directly, which I’ve never done before. I’d also like to offer you something, and to get your feedback. IContinue reading “An offer for subscribers!”

Thinking of Bukowski While Gardening in Early Spring

In my last post I mentioned having little trouble writing, but tons of trouble figuring how to come up with an appropriate prompt in an attempt to connect with people via poetry. I want a prompt to have an openness, for it to carry little of my own intention or bias along for the ride,Continue reading “Thinking of Bukowski While Gardening in Early Spring”

Poetry Prompt #4 – spring, war, compost, Bukowski

I’ve had a time coming up with a poetry prompt since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine. No problem writing poetry, just coming up with a prompt that seems open and kind. It’s spring, and as I sink my hands into the fresh compost of my garden bed and smell the living funk ofContinue reading “Poetry Prompt #4 – spring, war, compost, Bukowski”

WarWithoutWithin – crowdsourced poem #3

You thought you could stymie a poet by only supplying one line, did you? Only two words poetry friends; well you can’t stymie a poet. In response to the prompt, Where have you found yourself?, I received the line, In paradise, from old friend Russel P. Thank you! And of course you have! I thoughtContinue reading “WarWithoutWithin – crowdsourced poem #3”

Let’s make another poem together – crowdsourced poem #3

Hey poetry friends, let’s make another poem together! To get involved, respond in one line to the prompt: Where have you found yourself? I’ll weave all the submitted lines into a poem and post it here and on instagram @pedalpoet. I’d love to see a poem you might make from the same submitted lines, giveContinue reading “Let’s make another poem together – crowdsourced poem #3”

Ever so Impatiently – Crowdsourced Poem #2

Thank you for participating and following along on this new adventure where I put out a call for lines, and then weave them into a poem. Poem number 2 prompt: what waits impatiently at your door? (The prompt itself was a line submitted for poem number 1, a bit too late.) The lines received, includingContinue reading “Ever so Impatiently – Crowdsourced Poem #2”

Crowdfunding Poetry! a call for lines

Greetings, and welcome to a second call for lines; I want to weave your responses into another poem and I’d love your help. Prompts are posted on Instagram and here almost simultaneously, and the call is open for the next 36 hours. This prompt was a late submission to prompt number 1, and so IContinue reading “Crowdfunding Poetry! a call for lines”

Something About a Shadow – a collaborative poem

Two days ago I posted a prompt in hopes of creating a collaborative poem from submitted lines. The prompt: where is your shadow? The lines submitted: Hiding inside me Across my chicken coop Always attached to me In the clockwork of the hillside Here is our first pedalpoet collaborative poem: Thank you for participating! AnotherContinue reading “Something About a Shadow – a collaborative poem”