Big Yellow Chickens– Florida is Where Woke Goes to Die, ch 6

Because Florida just can’t stop. You know the tune, sing along, make up your own words. (Apologies to Joanie Mitchell.) Despite Webster Barnaby’s wonderful name, and despite his ability to voice that he is confused and doesn’t understand a vulnerable population in America, he doesn’t take the next step that a decent person takes, especiallyContinue reading “Big Yellow Chickens– Florida is Where Woke Goes to Die, ch 6”

Julia’s Squeezy TV Remote

I was fortunate to have known all four of my grandparents as a child. The last to survive, my maternal grandfather, Clark, recently passed at a month shy of ninety-nine. He was a machinist, a veteran (though he never talked about that), and tinkerer. He had a motorcycle, the first one I ever rode on.Continue reading “Julia’s Squeezy TV Remote”

On the Ledge, Waiting for Flouride

We were waiting in line, up against the wall in the hallway outside the lunchroom. My feet were on the dark brown strip of speckled terrazzo bordering the wall, it was separated from the main field of the hallway floor by a thin brass line. I stood on the darker brown floor along the wallContinue reading “On the Ledge, Waiting for Flouride”

2 Poems Published in Suburban Witchcraft

I’m pleased to announce 2 of my recent poems have been published in the current issue of Suburban Witchcraft magazine. This is their fourth issue, and is the second time I’ve been included. It’s a beautiful collection of stories and art and poetry. My poem An Aubergine Ending, concerning life with my witchy night doulaContinue reading “2 Poems Published in Suburban Witchcraft”

The Murdoch Ballad to Tucker Carlson’s Face

Tucker, Tucker get your face screwed on there’s a sucker, sucker just about to be born We paved the lane to your door, hung the shingle outside, all you got to do is sell them something they’ll buy While you’re at it, we got a little potion they might try It’ll make ‘em believe theyContinue reading “The Murdoch Ballad to Tucker Carlson’s Face”

Come On In, the Sand’s Fine!

Florida is Where Woke Goes to Die, chapter 4: Come On In, the Sand’s Fine! Thus concludes this four-chapter protest of the Sunshine State and its quick embrace of fascism. Remember, you can’t shoot your fear, you can only learn. Thank you for following along! Keep your heads out of the sand!

Happiness is Warm Florida Sand

Bury me right up to my neck in the warm Florida sand, where I feel safe where I get a tan Where no one can do nothing to upset my feelings as pure as this sand in which I’m buried, right up to my neck, and from which I sprout, like a tree, out ofContinue reading “Happiness is Warm Florida Sand”