Pedalpoet Creative

Thank you for visiting! I’m Chris at Pedalpoet Creative. This site will give you an idea of the variety of projects I keep myself busy with. Whether it’s writing stories and poems, publishing books for download or print, or producing my 1:64 scale diecast racing videos, I’m usually thinking about ways to tell stories.

Here’s a new way for me, it’s the pilot for my new YouTube series, NEW to ME, an irregularly posting series about irregular activities such as Motorcycle Trials, the subject of episode 1. Check it out!

It’s a proof-of-concept, shot on a phone and a GoPro. What do you think?

I’d love to help you tell your story! Photo shoot? I can help! Video project? Absolutely! Writing and/or publishing? Shoot me a message, I can help! I’m available for freelance writing, editing, and video production: Chris Bevens | | 206.755.9580