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I’m pleased to announce my collection of poems, A Long, Quiet Word, is now available for sale as a paperback. This collection is 29 poems written between the early 90s and 2006, through two crumbling relationships, an MFA program, and the last flailing swings of alcoholism. You may have read some of the poems on this site before. Recently, one of the included poems, “Who’s to Say?”, was featured in Punk Noir Magazine. This collection had previously been published as an ebook; this version is revised, re-edited, and hopefully available to a wider audience. You can buy your own copy here!

Now available in paperback on Blurb

Also on sale in paperback! The Moth Problem, He’s Gone, and The Race, three fictional tales available here!

Set on Colorado’s Front Range in the mid-90s, The Moth Problem is a fictional story about a young, isolated couple and their two converging fears, one internal, and one external.

Two people just trying to make it through a blinding mothstorm to the psych hospital, as you do.

Buy The Moth Problem here

The Race is the fictional story of a mountainbike race in the days before pit crews and disc brakes. From the parking lot before, to the finish line after, this is a fast-paced meditation on competition and suffering. Purchase it here!

He’s Gone is a dark crime novel set in Syracuse NY in the late 80s. Murder most foul in this story of a bad decision quickly getting worse for one doped-up mini mart employee and would-be-poet trying to steal his way to serenity after accidentally killing someone. His boss says he’ll take care of it, to trust him. Robbie’s not so sure. Get it with the others here!


What I Do

I make books, both my own, and for others. You’ll soon be able to purchase my books here! Click here to go to my poetry page where you can read poems or essays, or here to my fiction page where I currently have 2 dark tales awaiting you. Do you want to have a book made? Contact me at

I’m a video maker and photographer, and I’m available to produce YouTube-ready videos of all sorts. Interviews, B-roll…do you want to showcase your team? Check out these videos I’ve done for a local designer who did just that!

I am also my own alter-ego, Brock Wheeler, 1:64 scale diecast race promoter, and the voice of The Most Dangerous Track in the PNW, Garden Canyon Run. If little cars put a smile on your face, you’re about to be in the right place.

Meet poet Chris Bevens

Why do you need a poet?

The skills which poetry teach are the same as those used by leaders and strategists; we both grapple with what could be, in relation to what is. We look for ways to comprehend what we don’t know. We understand the sometimes vital importance of that which cannot be named, in the pursuit of our vision.

Business and community leaders talk about tapping into the primal, decision-making emotions of consumers and voters; that is exactly what a poet does. Do you need to move people with words? Ask a poet to help! Massaging words is what I am here to do.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Excellent Service”

This could be your positive experience exclaimed loudly!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Love the flexibility”

You could be thrilled to have your idea understood and sharpened to a point!


Rating: 4 out of 5.

“Fantastic quality”

You might establish a relationship with poetry that continues to grow and inform your problem solving


My Very First Book – “Snoopy Rides”

Visiting my parents house I’ve discovered the very first piece of creative writing I believe I ever put together. What follows is a small booklet written and illustrated by myself at about 8 years old. I hope you enjoy this silly little bit of fan fiction from circa 1977.

Getting Pulled Over Up North: An Anecdote In Which I am as White as I can Be

I’m riding my 2006 Honda VFR up north, out of Seattle. This is around 2013. It takes a good sixty miles or so to get out of city traffic and finally past the last straight stretches of highway 9, a final thirty tedious miles of four-lane stop-and-go heading north, broken into seemingly endless intervals byContinue reading “Getting Pulled Over Up North: An Anecdote In Which I am as White as I can Be”