HI, I’m Chris, I live in Seattle where I write stories, poems, songs, and otherwise work on odd little projects like my diecast racing club which I manage as alter-ego Brock Wheeler. It’s ridiculous, it’s fun, and it’s a way to learn a variety of skills.

Why “pedalpoet”? I’m a former bicycle racer, lifelong bike nut, and a poet. The first time I had to come up with an email address, I chose ‘pedalpoet@’ and have kept that handle ever since. It was natural to use it for this website when I started it as a simple blog years ago, and I’ve kept it because I like it. Say it out loud, it’s got a fun rhythm: bah-da bah-da. Pedalpoet. Bah-da bah-da.

I’ve always enjoyed most the areas of life that cross boundaries, defy definition, and bring together disparate elements to make something unusual and fresh. Something to stop me, and cause me to think or feel something I hadn’t had access to prior. I don’t fit in a box, and neither does what I tend to share here. I barely know how to describe some of the feelings and inspirations within me. I’m queer, and with hindsight I often wonder how much of the search for myself affected, or was affected by this natural attraction for things that are in opposition to boundaries of all types. I wonder, yet I know.

Thanks for visiting! Find me on instagram @pedalpoet, @AlleyCatRaceClub, and @asleeplittlesir; and while you’re at it, I have another completely unrelated blog you might like to check out: Old-timey Recipe Books. Surprise: it’s silly.

Chris Bevens | pedalpoet@gmail.com | 206.755.9580

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Chris! Although I know you as Brock Wheeler! I’m so glad I found this link on your YouTube page!
    Your hobbies, interests, and life story are inspiring. Not to mention you do a great job commenting as Brock!
    Did you do the background music for your Alley Cat Race Club videos? It’s such a catchy tune! I was hoping to find it on your Audio page.
    Keep up the good work on your videos! I love the scoring format, the commentary, and your style! 😀
    – Chad “Daddy G”


    1. Thanks so much Chad! Great to meet you again so to speak. 🙂 I did, yes. Other than a couple of the early short videos I made, all the music I’ve used has been mine. The one you’re talking about I call the Alley Cat Theme, and I haven’t made a proper recording of it other than the clip I repeat for the races. I’m glad you dig it, thanks for letting me know!

      I’ll shoot the final video this weekend. I’m pretty excited to watch your truck race Uncle Elvis’, it should be wild! Thanks for the comment.


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