2 Poems Published in Suburban Witchcraft

I’m pleased to announce 2 of my recent poems have been published in the current issue of Suburban Witchcraft magazine. This is their fourth issue, and is the second time I’ve been included. It’s a beautiful collection of stories and art and poetry.

My poem An Aubergine Ending, concerning life with my witchy night doula partner is included in this issue, as is my poem I’m Not Holding My Breath, I’m Just Not Exactly Breathing, which concerns life with pretending. Most of my poems are the results of many revisions, sometimes with long periods of time between me putting them down before picking them up again. This second poem represents the longest such period, as I wrote the first lines around sixteen years ago, put the poem away and forgot about it until within the past year, when I happened upon it and decided to finish it.

Going through old notebooks can be a wonderful way to spur oneself on when stuck, or to think of as an in-addition to outside reading. I always try to be reading two things at the same time, if I’m reading. The ideas pair in interesting ways. Making your own notebooks part of that is only natural. An old teacher of mine, Bobbie Louise Hawkins famously said, never throw anything away. It can become very useful grist for the mill. And if you’re lucky enough to make it, it’s called your archive, and it can be part of your retirement package.

Published by pedalpoet

Poet, writer, and songwriter living in Seattle, WA

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