Denver South Broadway ’98

Broadway cruised topless by balding Mercedes 50 year-olds

Broadway lined with used bookstores tattoos Kitty’s cheap sex The Mayan
Theater used everything and paper litter on the street and me alone walking South Broadway

Broadway art and galleries Body Meat

Broadway home of $1.49 greasy breakfast diner with thin old speckled coffee

At counter notch-toothed big blue eyeshadow chainsmoking Elaine haggard from Oklahoma City tells me of daughter Jordache beaten abused cheated on drunk by 22 year-old biker boyfriend
          Really, I respond, Really, I say
Stabbed him in the hand, Jordache did! Elaine says And he comes to me for psycho-logical help Crybaby on my shoulder, Help me Elaine, Help me Elaine,You know about life Listen asshole, she spits now pointing her Doral at me, smoking, the glowing tip in the dim diner, Listen asshole, I don’t help your kind You don’t deserve my help, I came to Denver to find somebody and I just found out he hangs out on Broadway You know I came here yesterday and parked by the railroad tracks and found enough wood to build a fire to cook my meat, I’ve got a screen you know, to put over the fire to cook on, and my brother who’d come with me he found a garbage can and there’s paper in it to start the fire he says, but when I lift the newspaper out there’s a five dollar bill right on top and well, yes, that’s never happened to me before, five dollars the easy way! But I feel lucky yes lucky here on Broadway
          Yes, I say, Yes

Broadway four lanes one way

Broadway five dollars the easy way

Broadway sidestep forearm moustache morning walk street sweeper

Broadway window static tv sculpture broken ATM Asian rugs Modern Furniture
south Denver I can hear the highway and traffic comes in great waves with the lights on South Broadway

Broadway coming and going as I please

Broadway I do feel lucky today

–6AM Summer ‘98

Published by pedalpoet

Poet, writer, and songwriter living in Seattle, WA

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