Please Ezra Stop Haunting Me So I Can Enjoy My Student Loan Money

The government has issued me a check


No more dumpster diving for day old bread,

sample booth dining in new ultra grocery,

peanut butter cookies free all day at Leevers

No more rice and beans free with loaf of bread, canned tuna

pasta, pop tarts at St. Thomas Aquinas church

gulped down free with local homeless no more

The government has issued me a check


Perhaps when friends at VisaMasterCardSearsCheckrite call

I will pick up

When landlord calls for month late rent again

I will pick up (though disposal broken, lock stuck, faucet leaks)

I will pick up anyway, hell

pay ahead maybe

Perhaps I’ll install cable TV satellite dish

4000 channels shot from space to my tube

game shows, baseball, Oprah

I’ll enter the information age

Perhaps call 1-900 number

speak to a hot babe happy to listen

about work sports even romance

Perhaps I will sponsor a child in Cambodia

whose happy eyes framed on my fridge forgive me

Perhaps I will see the Dalai Lama speak this Friday!

Oh yes, and I can afford to see him, I can

afford to be enlightened!

Thank you! The government has issued me a check


((Learn of the green world what can be thy place))

My place: $34,000 in debt GROWING

Hey!! Please Ezra stop haunting me so I can enjoy my student loan money


Published by pedalpoet

Poet, writer, and songwriter living in Seattle, WA

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