Please Ezra Stop Haunting Me So I Can Enjoy My Student Loan Money

The government has issued me a check   No more dumpster diving for day old bread, sample booth dining in new ultra grocery, peanut butter cookies free all day at Leevers No more rice and beans free with loaf of bread, canned tuna pasta, pop tarts at St. Thomas Aquinas church gulped down free withContinue reading “Please Ezra Stop Haunting Me So I Can Enjoy My Student Loan Money”

I Don’t Get Paid Enough to Read This Kind of Shit

—for kind teacher Allen Ginsberg   Two pair black leather shoes lined up untied on turquoise rug under a pine coffee table   Who is this nameless woman? Tell me or fuck you! I don’t want to read your poems Crooked smile   Flox Purple shocks atop pale green stems in depression-glass vase next toContinue reading “I Don’t Get Paid Enough to Read This Kind of Shit”

Parked in Magnolia Boulevard Viewpoint

Parked in Magnolia Boulevard viewpointI look south toward West Seattleand you An American flagstands straight out from its pole, rigid and shiveringin the relentless wind coming off the Sound I see rain on the distant Sound,leaning and marching toward usYou over there,me over here in my car listening toa cd my friend Jeff made meContinue reading “Parked in Magnolia Boulevard Viewpoint”

Upon Seeing I am Not Your Negro

The election of the 45th president of the United States and everything that has lead up to it, and everything that has come of it in these first days since his inauguration has moved me to take action in a way I’ve never done before. It’s caused me to consider all the ways I’ve beenContinue reading “Upon Seeing I am Not Your Negro”