Thanks for visiting my poetry page! I bet you’re wondering where you can read my poetry, aren’t you? I have some self-published books available, as well as links to my more recently published poems below. If you scroll down to the very bottom, you’ll find the poems I’ve posted here at pedalpoet.com.


You can pick up my collection, A Long, Quiet Word, right here! The landscapes of the American Southwest, Pacific Northwest, and Northern New York state are frequently the stage for these investigations of loss and grief and love and lust. It features the first poem I was paid money for ($25), “East Wall Bedroom: A Study”, which was published way back then in a glossy magazine called Inklings. Also back then, I was fortunate to study with Allen Ginsberg while earning my MFA at The Naropa Institute, and he’s the subject of another of this collection’s poems, “I Don’t Get Paid Enough to Read This Kind of Shit”.

More recently I’ve been publishing small home-made chapbooks of my poems, treating individual poems as though they are children’s books in the way they are presented. I have been giving these to neighbors and friends, and stuffing them in the Little Free Libraries around the Central District in Seattle, and on select coffee shop windowsills. Would you like one? They are available on a sliding scale for the price of at least postage, which, within the US is $0.87. Message me if you’d like one or all of the following, while they last:

Ninja Will Eat Me, 2 poems about Her Majesty, and her incredible patience with the world. This is number one in the pedalpoet chapbook series. Best read aloud to friends. The eponymous poem, “Ninja Will Eat Me”, was first published in the journal, Punk Noir.

A Failure of Imagination, this is the current edition of my now annual protest by poem concerning the January 6 Insurrection, and the Grand Old Party’s incredible impatience with the world. It’s meant to be screamed aloud and partly sung.

To the Young Woman With the Bee in Her Hand is the third chapbook in my series, currently in production (Feb 2023). It’s a poem I wrote for my daughter concerned with home, and saying hello, and saying goodbye. A version of this poem was recently published by Cathexis Northwest Press. It’s meant to be whispered widely like a sustained breeze.

I’m going to be publishing a new small chapbook every other month, and you can get them from me in person, or email me at pedalpoet@gmail.com to get one mailed to you. Scroll down and click on Poetry to read some other poems right now!

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