My available books

My latest little book is a novella; The Moth Problem is the story of a young couple out on the prairie in Colorado during a particularly intense moth migration. One of them has mottephobia, or a fear of moths, and the other an acute anxiety disorder bringing about panic attacks and delusional thinking. It’s available right now along with my other books. Thanks for checking it out.

The Race is the fictionalized story of a mountainbike race in Chelan, WA in 2005, along with three bike-related poems.

Excerpt: “The grassy slope is really hard, especially right from the gun. I’m alongside four other guys and all I can see is the narrow entrance to the singletrack which turns sharp left before immediately climbing toward some steeper doubletrack. One of these racers alongside me I know well, his name’s Craig. I go on group rides with him a lot. He’s a big guy and powerful, but he can’t climb for shit and his technical skills are completely non-existent. Whoever gets stuck behind him going into this singletrack is screwed. That will not be me.”

A Long Quiet Word is my new collection of poems. Many of these have been posted in different forms on this site, and some are previously published in little magazines over the past three decades. Check it out!