A few things I love

This is an evolving collection of inspiring and interesting items from around the webs, and predominantly YouTube:

exurb1a “Universe is weird, yo.”

There are things which can lead you to believe you’ve been thinking far, far too small; this entire channel is such a thing, and this particular video is a great entry to much more such content by the same bitterly sharp narrator who slips from fantasy to essay and everywhere in between. Trust this confidently odd voice and enjoy some great anti-capitalist talking points cloaked as nonsense, or the rantings of a 4AM acid trip or possibly someone’s dissertation.

https://www.americanswhotellthetruth.org/portraits/bayard-rustin This article is a proper one for the 1st day of Black History Month, though it’s not an easy read. Includes a story about MLK Jr bending under the weight of homophobia. We are complex, history is complex.

Tons of smart videos about science and history at PBS Eons

Michael Hedges self described his playing as heavy mental acoustic thrash. Gone from us 1997.

Bill Frisell, former Seattleite whom I, not figuratively, bumped into on the street once shortly after discovering his music.

Jazz that rocks, twangs, and reverberates is what Julian Lage does

Interior Design by way of 70s sitcoms!
Martyn Ashton is one of the greatest bicycle trials riders ever. After losing the use of his legs in an accident while shooting a video, he has gone on to continue riding on special made bikes, taking them places you have to see to believe, like the most famous downhill bike run in the world, just up in Whistler. Check it out for a crazy adrenaline rush!

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