My first book, The Race, was available for a time as an ebook on Amazon. Now I’m bringing out a new, revised edition in paperback, available for purchase, right here! It’s the first-person account of a mountain bike race, from the parking lot that morning, to recovering after the finish line. Set in the beautiful hills around Chelan, WA in 2004.

Follow-up to The Race is another paperback, The Moth Problem, and it currently is for sale at my Blurb storefront. The Moth Problem is a novella set on the Front Range in Colorado, and chronicles a young couple dealing with two very different, but converging fears as an immense miller moth migration passes over them.

Purchase The Moth Problem by following the preview link below to my Blurb storefront!

Book Preview

He’s Gone is a dark crime novel about being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and not at all prepared for the consequences. These three above paperbacks are all available right now. Would you like to contribute to the costs of the first print run of these initial Pedalpoet Creative offerings? You can, over at

Here’s a bit of dark dystopia for you:

My Very First Book – “Snoopy Rides”

Visiting my parents house I’ve discovered the very first piece of creative writing I believe I ever put together. What follows is a small booklet written and illustrated by myself at about 8 years old. I hope you enjoy this silly little bit of fan fiction from circa 1977.


PROFIT Part One – Tyler “I don’t understand why you want this kind of influence around you, Tyler. It’s not healthy!” “It’s your fucking system, God! Turn the shit off if you don’t like it!” “Don’t you talk to me like that!” Sally and Tyler Felt, mother and son. They lived in one of thoseContinue reading “Profit”

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