An offer for subscribers!

Hi readers and subscribers! Thank you for swinging by and especially those of you who’ve subscribed over the years. There are over 40 of you subscribing, and it occurs to me it’s time to address you directly, which I’ve never done before. I’d also like to offer you something, and to get your feedback.

I believe many of you have found via my coming-out journal I started about a year ago or so. I haven’t updated that in a while now, I know. I’m at a point where I want to do less going over old stories and trauma, and more getting to the business of living as an out, bi man. For me, currently that means less writing prose about it, and more just living it for a while. Unless any of you have ideas for me to explore in prose, it might be a bit before I get ready with a new entry in that series. Please feel free to suggest a topic or ask a question. I am working on a ton of poetry related to coming out, and to being a bisexual man, and I’ll be sharing some here and in chapbook form. Especially with your encouragement.

Most of the rest of you I think have found because of my poetry, or my writing about poetry. This is the area of I plan to expand over the next year, and here’s where I’d like to offer you something. In addition to the paperback books I have for sale here, I’ve just finished a small chapbook, based on a poem recently published over at Punk Noir. It’s a saddle-stapled, illustrated little book of two poems, in an edition of 100. Ninja Will Eat Me is the title.

An initial mock-up of Ninja Will Eat Me

Part of my writing process is organizing my poems as I write them. Organizing them into collections, and imagining books coming from these collections. For years now, I’ve thought of a number, maybe twelve. I would need at least twelve poems to constitute enough poems for a book. A thin book at that. Then more recently, it occurred to me that one poem could be seen as a book of its own, formatted like a children’s book. Not for children, but laid out like that. This was the inspiration for Ninja Will Eat Me, and it’s also the inspiration for what I hope will keep me busy over the next year, with a number of similar chapbooks based upon individual, or pairs of poems.

I’ve distributed a few copies already. I’ve been in the habit of putting copies of my books in the local Little Free Libraries in my neighborhood over the past year. And now I’d like to offer this little book to you, my subscribers, if you’d be interested. In fact, I plan to continue over the next year with a new chapbook at a rate of one every other month. So another question, would you like a copy of this and/or future chapbooks? Please comment, and let me know, I’d love your thoughts.

Now, there’s the logistics of making it happen. I’m leaning toward setting up a Patreon account, and making these chapbooks available via membership or subscription. In the meantime, for you my current or new subscribers, I’ll mail you a copy of Ninja Will Eat Me for the subscriber price of $4.00 shipped, within the USA. For the first subscriber outside the USA, it’s also $4.00, until I learn what it might cost to ship overseas. We can transact this via Venmo or Paypal, and I’d obviously need your mailing address.

To purchase Ninja Will Eat Me, send $4.00 via Venmo or Paypal to: @ChrisBevens, along with your mailing address. Thank you to anyone who’d like a copy, and to all of you reading and subscribing. I appreciate you!

One last update, and something I’m super excited about is that I’ve begun a recording project with an old friend and jazz drummer. One hiccup, he’s on the east coast, and I’m on the west coast, but hey, I believe that’s what technology is for. I’ve already begun recording some of my poetry, and once I start getting a bit happier with my sound and my delivery, I’ll be sharing that here as well.

In any event, thank you for reading and visiting my site, and especially leaving any feedback or suggestions. Get your copy of Ninja Will Eat Me now before they are gone!

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Poet, writer, and songwriter living in Seattle, WA

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