Thinking of Bukowski While Gardening in Early Spring

In my last post I mentioned having little trouble writing, but tons of trouble figuring how to come up with an appropriate prompt in an attempt to connect with people via poetry. I want a prompt to have an openness, for it to carry little of my own intention or bias along for the ride, but I find myself too full of my own intention and bias lately to be that open! The prompt was, “I surround myself with [blank]” where you’d fill in the blank with a line of your composing. Since I received no lines in reply, let’s move on, and I’m simply going to post what I’ve been mulling over for a couple days in my journal, which I’ve turned into this. I think I’ll stick with it for a while and see how it evolves. It could still be collaborative if you want to use it for something, such as in the subject itself. Tear it apart! But if you do, please share.

Peace, poetry friends!

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2 thoughts on “Thinking of Bukowski While Gardening in Early Spring

  1. Bukowski…..I had a copy of one of his larger books stuffed on the dash of my truck back in the late 70’s when I was in the throws of addiction and alcoholism. A fellow drunk saw my copy and was impressed. To be honest I found it all depressing or at least my life at that point was depressing. It was in a small town in Alaska and one Christmas the only card I got was from the liquor store. Sorry I missed your last prompt. I will try and make it more of a priority. Peace….

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    1. Great story, and I think there’s a good line for a country song in there, too! I was always struck by Bukowski’s ability to celebrate the-fucked up, and he just writes great images.


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