Ninja climbs up to my lap,
not simply jumping, no, 
climbing up to my lap, claws on display
topping me,
claiming me
I’m furniture
        She’s vulnerable close in like this
She’s given me my best advantage
I could so easily grab her with both hands,
wrap her up, confine her, restrict her
So this,
full cush on my lap, tucked in, loaf-kitty,
it’s a display of trust, right? being this close and vulnerable
on the lap of someone so much larger

There’s also that she may just be so confident
in her ability to utterly destroy me,
that actually there is no vulnerability,
        that I am but furniture
        a perch on which to watch the front door
I am no more a threat than a squirrel making quick noises
in the garden just outside 
        I scratch her chin lightly, rub her neck,
and she lifts her chin high for me to better serve her

How would you do it? I ask her
How would you kill me?
Slashes to the throat?
No kitty, I think you’ll starve me
You’ll guard the door,
guard the food,
you’ll trap me and wait me out
Starve me
        You’ll show patience
And as I take my last breath,
starving and weak,
you’ll begin to eat me
        Won’t you kitty?
        You sweet girl

Published by pedalpoet

Poet, writer, and songwriter living in Seattle, WA

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